Roof Leak Detection and Repair for all Commercial Buildings. Also Walls, Floors, etc

We principally provide flat roof leak detection and repair services to industry, commerce, office and residential blocks.

We have been providing electronic leak detection techniques for close on 30 years, through our partner consultancy, Thornton Roof Leak Detection, which pioneered many of the services in use today. These have been extended over the years to provide thermographic roof surveys and moisture profiling, which assist in the investigation process.

We also locate and repair leaks anywhere in the building envelope, such as brick or block walls, curtain walling glazing, floors, etc.

We are not commercial roofing contractors, preferring instead to focus on what we do best – design bespoke solutions to difficult problems, then execute the repair. In this way, the client can be satisfied that he is receiving a unique one-stop service.

Please feel free to contact us for no-obligation advice on your problem.