About Rainmasters РCommercial Leak Detection & Repair

Rainmasters was formed 15 years ago, at that time, to provide portable drainage systems to alleviate flooding on flat roofs.

This has since developed to include a process for locating and sealing defects in the building envelope that are resulting leaks during or after rainfall. This is targeted at commercial buildings and apartment blocks in the main.

Managing Director, Stephen Thornton, is also MD of Thornton Consulting, which was the first leak detection company in the UK and has been successfully operating for close on 30 years.

His reasoning behind Rainmasters was to ensure that not only was each leak point located correctly, but also that the repair process was designed to perform in the long term. Until then, the problem had been one of the client appointing their own contractor, often for repairs to fail shortly afterwards or for the problem to continue.

It has to be stressed that Rainmasters is not a roofing contractor but is here to design and undertake bespoke repairs to specific leak points, many of which are buried within the structure.

We are always happy to discuss your problem, no matter how small it may appear.  Please call us today on 01342 410519