Flat Roofing РLeak Detection & Repair

Repairs and correction of details to felt, single ply, mastic asphalt, etc

We undertake flat roof leak detection and repair on virtually all types of roof construction and waterproofing system, including felt, mastic asphalt, pvc and tpo membranes. Our electronic leak detection test is first utilised, followed if necessary by specialist investigative techniques to pinpoint the source.

We then design permanent bespoke repairs to meet the requirements of the situation. These can include complex solutions for extreme circumstances. On inverted roofs, for example, we have developed a unique solution whereby we seal the concrete around the leak point, as a short-term measure to lessen or even eliminate leaks.

Our operatives are fully trained in application techniques, so a permanent repair is assured.

We also correct faulty details in the membrane and will seal openings at the interface with other building components as necessary.

All work is guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year, so please contact us for your flat roof repair.